Put On Your Seatbelt, or Death Will Come Hang Out in Your Car

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs invited the MPG to create a television commercial inviting viewers to, y’know, wear their seatbelts. It’s our favorite type of shoot – practical and fast, with an element of the unexpected.

For this shoot, we knew we’d need a camera that could work well in tight spaces. We shelved our big cameras and brought out the Canon 5D to do most of the heavy lifting. It’s why in a lot of these pictures, you’ll see a tiny camera on a giant rig.

One of the biggest challenges of using the 5D was hooking up an effective external monitor for the video village. We’re pretty proud of the job our chief engineer did rigging that up.

Ironically, we ended up needing to use a bigger Sony XDCam for the final interior shot of the night, since our lens on the 5D wouldn’t focus close enough to get a shot we needed.

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