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Twice a year, our department creates PSAs for the Alabama Development Office.  We do two commercials each for the “Click It or Ticket” and “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaigns.  This July, we did a two-fer.  We seem to always be short on time in the summer – so our producer John DiJulio was looking for a way to create two spots that worked together but could minimize our shoot time.  He came up with a variation on the devil/angel theme where an average guy has to make a decision at the end of a night of drinking at the bar.  Would he make his “last call” to a cab, or end up making a call down at the police station if he’s picked up for drunk driving?  So the commercial was shot with these two alternative endings and kapow – we have two spots!

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The 15-million dollar animation

In early 2011, MPG was asked by representatives of the Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems (IBSS for short, whew) to help them put together a short video that they could show to Congress. The goal was to visualize and tell the story behind a system that could help solve America’s energy problem (and to receive a $15 million grant from the government to make this system a reality).  So we went to work on a completely hand-drawn depiction set to narration/music that did the job.   Once the story had been figured out step by step and pre-drawn (no small feat), our animator Jason Adams had the task of doing the drawing live while a camera rolled.  Then the 3 hours of footage was carefully sped up and slowed down to match the narrative line.  This process, from concept to finished product took around a month – which is incredibly fast!

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