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My other website is a Facebook.

Here’s one asset of a set we developed for Dr. David Pascoe over at the Auburn School of Kinesiology. He wanted to be able to follow up with networking contacts he met at a conference in Las Vegas. So we made him a nifty booklet to pass out to potential associates. That booklet had a […]

Scary Webs

Since it’s Halloween, and we’re in the mood for some FEAR, we thought we’d share this spooky image with you. Fortunately, information architecture maps are a lot less scary than they look. Having a literal map of your website on your wall can help you keep track of information on your site, and help you […]

Designing for the mobile future

We love this Brightcove content marketing video, which highlights an interesting prediction. Morgan Stanley says that in less than four years, more consumers will access the Internet on mobile devices than desktops.

Shiniest isn’t always best

When we upgraded one of our WordPress installed, suddenly our animations went haywire. We often rely on a JavaScript framework called jQuery, and the new WordPress version included jQuery 1.9. Turns out jQuery 1.9 is so different from other versions of jQuery that it has its own upgrade guide, and our site was using something […]