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Summer Quarter 1998
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Clark Lundell, Professor and Head.

Industrial Design Faculty, Staff and Students

Now that our 1st year design studio sequence is exclusively taught in the summer, more than 55 students have enrolled, an all time record for the department. We have also set a record enrollment of 20 in the Summer Design Workshop '98, a week long program (directed by Rich Britnell with assistance from Karl Wendt and Brandon Wendt) to introduce high school students to careers in design.

Professor Clark Lundell recently presented a paper at the 17th International Human Sciences Research Conference, in Sitka, Alaska. He also made a presentation at Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington D.C. on a DOE sponsored Residential Utility Core (ResCore) project. Clark received a College of Architecture, Design, & Construction (CADC) Teaching Recognition Award this past fall.

Professor Bret Smith helped organize the IDSA Southern District Conference in Saint Augustine, FL. He did a presentation on the Auburn program and introduced Carter McGuyer as Auburn's Merit Award winner. Bret has completed the 6th year of the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) industry collaboration from which was born a National EDPA Competition. Ben Morris , Blake Blassham and Jamie Lamar received an AU/IND Studio Prize for their performance on the EDPA project. Bret is running for Chair of the IDSA Education Committee this fall and would appreciate your vote in this election.

Associate Professor Tin Man Lau, who has recently been promoted to Professor, supervised a 4th year studio working on various industry collaborations. David Pollard, Anthony Paxton and Naomi Nelson worked on the design of a space station repair kit for NASA. Juan Lopez, Jason Hill and Brandon Wendt designed an infant walker for a company in Taiwan. Karl Wendt developed burial concepts for the start-up company StarGate. Tin Man was elected to serve a three year term on the AU Graduate Council, a Graduate School policy making organization.

Associate Professor Laura Prange lead ten AU/IND students on the 3rd annual Ireland Study Program. Graduate students John Morris and Heather Bailey assisted Laura in the management of the trip. For the first time electronic images where communicated on a regular basis, back to Smith Hall through the
use of a digital camera and an Ireland e-mail address. This allowed the IND faculty to participate and interact with Laura and follow the group as they traveled through Ireland.

Associate Professor Rich Britnell participated in the Fairhope, AL, Art Festival which exhibited the work of 250 artists from a field of 700 national applicants. One of Rich's sepia print compositions won a Patron's Award from festival organizers. Rich also supervised 4th year students working on various industry collaborations. Mindy Birringer developed a graphic identity for Alexander City, AL, Carter Mcguyer and Chris Chavanne did the same for Strayer University in Washington, D.C. Jeff Osborn, Rob Langley and Derek Wester also worked on the space station repair kit for NASA.

Assistant Professor Randall Bartlett has been promoted to Associate Professor and awarded Tenure. He supervised graduate student Bob Dunham in the completion of his work on the design of an weight displacement exercise equipment prototype. Randy is currently working on an industry collaboration to produce a water based exercise belt for a company in Huntsville, AL. Randy is also currently putting together the schedule for the Spring 1999 Ireland Study Program and will be leading this trip.
Assistant Professor Brenda Peters recently attended the International Conference on Universal Design, Long Island, New York and presented a paper entitled: "Teaching Cultural Idiosyncrasies through Universal Design". Brenda also directed the design of an electronic information kiosk for the School of Pharmacy. She was assisted by graduate students Glen Boyd and John Morris on this project. In addition, Brenda serves as a faculty advisor to AU's African-American Student Athlete Mentoring Program.

Industrial Design Laboratory Specialist II, Glen Boyd has taken a position as Manager of the LaGrange Airport in LaGrange, GA. We appreciate the valuable contribution he has made to the department over these past three years and wish him well. His position has been reclassified as Laboratory Technician II and filled by David Gowan. David with the assistance of student worker Grant Dennis, has made a significant impact upon the laboratory facilities in O.D. Smith Hall.

Sophomore Jason Cook will be assisting the defense on AU's football team this fall and graduated seniors Tom D'Agostino and Greta Gonzales (directed by Tin Man Lau)won 1st and 2nd place cash prizes at the International Design Emphasis furniture design competition.

NASA Space Station Repair Kit Project: Pictured from left to right: David Pollard, Derek Wester, Rich Britnell, Jeff Osborne, Clark Lundell, Anthony Paxton, Tin Man Lau, Rob Langley and Naomi Nelson.
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