What is Authenticated AU iTunes?

Faculty now have another secure means of delivering content to students. Each instructor of record will be able to upload podcasts that will be available only to students enrolled in his/her particular class section. 

Can I combine two sections or different classes on one channel?

No; one class per channel only. This is a limitation of iTunes, and not something we have control over.

How do I get channel for my class on Authenticated AU iTunes?

Fill out the online form (link below). You will need the Banner CRN available at the top of the roster in Blackboard Toolkit for the class.

Banner CRN


Submitting the online form will assure the AU iTunes Administrator that you have read and agree to the following:

    • Auburn University Podcasting Policy
    • Copyright Regulation Policy
    • And I understand that:
      • I cannot upload any copyrighted material.
      • IMG and Apple will not back up my material, that I am responsible for keeping a backup copy of this podcast.
      • I must obtain written permission from any person who appears in a video to use his/her image in a podcast.
      • I cannot upload files over 1 gigabyte in size.
      • I must provide an artist (author) and title for each podcast.
      • These podcasts will be available only for the duration of the semester.
      • Only students currently enrolled in a course will have access to these podcasts via the link in AU Access.

Please note: Only faculty may request the creation of authenticated AU iTunes courses.

Students do not have to fill this form out: If you're looking for your course in Authenticated iTunes: Log in to AU Access and click the AU iTunes icon on the My Courses channel. That will authenticate you to iTunes; it will open, and you should see your class in the top section.

Please remember: You MUST have the latest version of iTunes installed to be able to see the files in the Authenticated classes.

online Form to Request Authenticated iTunes

Online Form to Request Authenticated iTunes


How do students get to my section in Authenticated AU iTunes?

By clicking the AU iTunes icon on the My Courses channel in AU Access, students will have access to podcasts for the courses they are enrolled in.

How do I upload podcasts?

  1. Log in to AU Access
  2. Click the Faculty services tab
  3. Click AU iTunes icon on My Courses channel
  4. Click the icon for the class you’re uploading content for
  5. Click the upload content link in the upper right of the course page
  6. Be sure to add Author, Title, Genre info

Who can help me upload my podcasts?

Faculty who need assistance in uploading podcasts should contact their college’s Unit Support Personnel (see list below) or the AU iTunes Administrator, Dr. Kathy McClelland, Manager of IMG.

Unit Support Personnel:

College of Agriculture Marcia Kloepper
College of Architecture Michael Guntherburg
College of Education Brian Phillip
College of Engineering Shannon Price
College of Liberal Arts Darrell Crutchley
College of Science and Math Phillip Coxwell

Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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