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In an Adobe Connect meeting, a user will have one of three roles: Host, Presenter, or Participant.


The Host has full control over all functions of the meeting and starts the session. The host(s) can:

  1. Invite participants, control access to the meeting room, and set the meeting room connections
  2. Promote, demote, or eject users
  3. Give enhanced permission to users
  4. Create and manage small group breakout rooms within a meeting
  5. Perform all tasks available to a presenter or participant (listed below)

The Presenter has moderate control of the meeting and can:

  1. Create, reorganize, or delete display areas called Pods
  2. Send text messages to other people in the meeting room
  3. Moderate questions and answers by:
    1. Redirecting questions to the appropriate presenter
    2. Replying to questions to the sender or all attendees
    3. Filtering questions
  4. Create text notes for participants
  5. Control the free-form text and drawing surface
  6. Broadcast audio/video to other meeting participants
  7. Enable and approve broadcast from participants
  8. Present media content (PowerPoints, PDFs, images, etc)
  9. Share their computer screen with particpants
  10. Poll participants
  11. Force browsing to weblinks
  12. Setup file downloads for the participants

The Participant can only view, listen, and chat (if enabled). Participants do not have video or microphone access.


Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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