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An Adobe Connect meeting room lasts until the meeting creator deletes it (meeting creators: see Editing and Deleting Meetings under Creating/Editing Meetings for details). However, Hosts have the ability to temporarily close a meeting room, place it on hold, or block incoming attendees.

For all users, to exit a meeting without closing the meeting room, see Joining/Leaving a Meeting under Getting Started.

Closing a Meeting Room

Hosts can end a meeting, which closes the meeting room to everyone until a Host re-opens it. All users, including the Host, will be locked out of the room.
To end a meeting, from inside the meeting room click the "Meeting" menu on the top menu bar and select "End Meeting."

To re-open an ended meeting, a Host must go to the meeting room and click the "Start Meeting" button.

Placing a Meeting on Hold

Hosts can temporarily place a meeting on hold, which locks out Participants from the meeting room while still allowing Hosts and Presenters standard access. Participants currently in the room will also be locked out.

To place a meeting on hold, from inside the meeting room click the "Meeting" menu on the top menu bar and select "Place Participants on Hold."

To re-open the meeting room to Participants, a Host must de-select "Place Participants on Hold" from inside the meeting room. Participants who were locked out (but still kept the meeting window open) will automatically be let in.

Temporarily Closing or Pausing a Meeting Room

Blocking Incoming Attendees

Hosts can block incoming attendees, such that no new attendees can enter the meeting room. All incoming attendees, including those on the Current Participants list and those who leave and re-enter the room, will be blocked from entering.

Hosts can allow incoming attendees to request entry. When an incoming attendee requests entry, Hosts can allow or deny the request. Note that attendees who are denied entry can simply try to re-enter the room and request entry again.


Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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