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Hosts and Presenters can manage participants via the "Edit Participants" page. Both when creating a meeting or through the Meeting Manager interface, Hosts and Presenters can add or remove participants to/from the Current Participants list and change their default roles. For information about roles in Adobe Connect, see Roles and Permissions under Using Adobe Connect.


Edit Participants Page
When creating a meeting, the Edit Participants page appears as part of the natural sequence (see Creating New Meetings under Creating/Editing Meetings for details).


To access the Edit Participants page after a meeting has been created, log in to the Adobe Connect server. (View the tutorial.) If your desired meeting has not been scheduled for a time in the future, click the "My Scheduled Meetings" link. Note that under My Scheduled Meetings, an "expired" meeting is just a meeting that hasn't been scheduled (or rescheduled) for a time in the future. Being expired has no effect on the contents or accessibility of the meeting room.

Click on the name of your desired meeting room. If you are a Host or Participant for this meeting, you will then be able to click the "Edit Participants" link at the top of the meeting page. This link will take you to the Edit Participants page.


Edit Participants Page and Link


Adding Users to the List
Hosts and Presenters can add participants to the Current Participants List on the Edit Participants page. To add a participant to the list, select his/her name from the "Available Users and Groups" list on the left and click the "Add" button at the bottom of the column. Note that participants will not be available on this page unless they have previously logged onto the Adobe Connect server at least once.


To add users who have not previously logged onto Adobe Connect, or to add multiple users at once, see Bulk Upload Utility under Creating/Editing Meetings.


Changing an Attendee's Default Role
The Current Participants list shows the default role of the meeting attendees (an attendee's role defaults to Participant if not on this list). Attendees will be reset to these default roles whenever they close their browsers. Attendee roles can also be changed temporarily within a meeting; see Roles and Permissions under Using Adobe Connect for details.


To change an attendee's default role, select his/her name in Current Participants list. Click the "Set User Role" button in the lower right corner, and select the role you want to assign to that participant.


Note that attendees who are given the default role of Presenter have full access to the Edit Participants page. This means that they can promote themselves to Hosts with full access to all of the meeting tools, including granting Host permissions to others or demoting the original Host.

If Hosts or Presenters are demoted to Participant, they can no longer access this tool until someone else promotes them again.


Removing Users from the List
Hosts and Presenters can remove users from the Current Participants list by selecting the desired user(s) and clicking the Remove button.


Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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