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Hosts and meeting creators can edit meetings through the Meeting Manager interface. Meeting creators also have the ability to delete meetings. To access the Meeting Manager interface, log onto the Auburn Adobe Connect server at


Meeting Host Tools
Hosts and meeting creators can edit specific meeting rooms through the Meeting List screen. Hosts can access the Meeting List screen by clicking the "My Scheduled Meetings" link near the top of the Meeting Manager Interface. Meeting creators can use this option or click the gray "Meetings" tab (only users with a Meeting Creator license will have access to the Meetings tab).


The Meeting List Screen


The Meeting List screen displays the list of meetings that you can access. Click the title of the desired meeting room to bring up the information for the meeting.


When viewing a specific meeting, the toolbar directly above the green stripe contains links to tools associated with that meeting.


Toolbar for Managing a Specific Meeting

The tools are as follows:

  • Meeting Information: List the basic settings for the meeting, including a link to the meeting room
  • Edit Information: Edit the basic settings for the meeting
  • Edit Participants: Add or remove users from the Current Participants list and set user roles
  • Invitations: Send e-mail to everyone on the Current Participants list
  • Uploaded Content: NOT recommended; part of the Training module
  • Recordings: Manage recordings you have made of Adobe Connect meetings
  • Statistics: Statistics about the meeting

Basic meeting settings include the title of the meeting, the time it is scheduled to begin, the duration, the URL, how many people are currently in the room, the language setting for the text, and the access setting (whether anyone with the URL or only approved users are allowed to enter the room).


Meeting Creator Tools
Meeting creators can access the meeting creator tools, including the ability to delete meetings, through the Meeting List screen.

On top of the list of meetings are five buttons that allow you to manage the meetings that you own. With these tools, you can create meetings, organize meetings in folders, delete meetings, and navigate through your folders.


Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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