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A non-USB headset will have 2 audio plugs-- one for audio (listening) and one for microphone (recording). They usually have colored or embossed references on the cables and plugs somewhere.


Color Coded Inputs Green for Audioaudio and red/pink for Recordingrecording.
Note: For best results, use the ports on the back of the computer.

Plug the headset into your computer. If a popup similiar to this appears on your computer when you plug in the headset , choose the microphone option.


Also be aware that some headsets have in-line volume control and mute. Be sure to check these if you cannot hear or record.


Microphone Placement

Make sure your microphone is close to and just below your mouth, typically between your chin and mouth. You want to speak across the microphone, not directly into it. This will help alleviate breathing sounds and “popping Ps”.


If you have a shorter mic boom, follow the same principles placing the mic so it points at the corner of your mouth.


Last Updated: Sept 10th, 2010

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