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Apple Macintosh Support

Acrobat Connect Professional online personal meetings are fully supported for users of Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4, on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.

Application and desktop sharing

Presenters can expand the viewing area for shared applications, documents, and whiteboards to fill the entire screen of participants. Presenters can choose to synchronize the view of all participants.

Application and desktop sharing with remote control

Meeting participants can control the desktops and applications of other remote users—for collaborative work sessions, one-on-one instruction, product support and more. This can be shown in full screen mode.

Attendee Management

Presenters can view who is in the meeting room in addition to the participant’s role (host, presenter or participant) and status (whether the participant is connected).

Document Viewing

Upload any printable document converted to Flash and share it with all attendees instead of using screen sharing.

File Sharing

Participants can upload and share documents with some or all people attending a meeting, without having to leave the Acrobat Connect Professional environment.

Full Screen

Share presentations, videos, or applications in full screen mode.

Internet Audio Broadcasting

Acrobat Connect Professional provides highest quality internet audio (VoIP) and offers an easy audio set-up wizard, echo and noise cancellation, and silence detection, which eliminates the need for a "push to talk" feature.

Meeting Management

Easily schedule meetings, invite attendees, and set access permissions. Set up rooms specific to the subject, audience, or presenter. Assign persistent rooms for recurring meetings, and control who has access to content and meetings.

Whiteboarding and Annotation Tools

Annotate over screen sharing, content and blank whiteboards using standard tools or your own custom annotation shapes. Save whiteboard overlays in persistent Acrobat Connect Professional meeting rooms, and add to them in future sessions.

Meeting Recordings

Record meetings, including synchronized audio for either VoIP or telephone audio conferencing. Built-in streaming server delivers content optimized based on the viewer's bandwidth. Viewers can use the meeting index to navigate to the most relevant content quickly.

Meeting Reports

Get detailed statistics on meetings and users to measure attendance.

Meeting Room Layout and Template Customization

Use customizable tabs to organize meeting flow and content; easily select and arrange content pods for each layout.

Meeting room layouts and content can be saved as reusable templates, for personal or system-wide use. Content saved in templates becomes instantly available in new meetings created from that template.

Moderated Q & A

Conduct chat-based Q&A sessions, with complete control over question queue, visibility, and question delegation.

Multiple Presenters

Multiple presenters can conduct behind-the-scenes content preparation, private chat, whiteboarding, and layout customization while the meeting is in progress. Meeting participants do not view any pods shared in the presenter-only area.

Participant Permissions

Meeting hosts can control attendee permissions either before the meeting or from within the meeting room. Rights can either be assigned by using predefined roles or using the participants rights feature.


Poll meeting attendees to get real-time feedback. Online meeting presenters can gather feedback in real time through Acrobat Connect Professional polls. Presenters can easily create polls, track responses immediately, and even download data for reporting and analysis after meetings. Participants can also see the names of individual poll respondents within the results chart. Meeting leaders and instructors can use this feedback in guiding sessions to suit the needs and interests of audiences.

PowerPoint Viewing

Upload and share PowerPoint presentations. Acrobat Connect Professional provides full support for animations, streaming video, Flash movies and audio, and high-resolution graphics.

Presenter Preparing Mode

Presenters can create or modify a meeting room layout or upload content in preparing mode, and changes will not be displayed until Preparation mode is deactivated.

Rich Content Support

Easily share rich content, including video clips and Adobe Captivate simulations.


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