Please contact IMG at 844-5181 for more information on the equipment or how to check out the equipment. Some equipment may be checked out for up to one semester.

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USB Headset Logitech USB Headphones - These USB headphones feature a noise-cancelling mic, perfect for recording podcasts or narrated PowerPoints.
Wireless Mic Revo Labs xTag Lavalier Wireless Mic - PC or Mac compatible, the wireless mic will record your lectures while you give them. The lecture can be recorded through Audacity (for audio only) or part of a narrated powerPoint (which can be converted to a podcast).
Canon Cameras Canon Powershot A560, A480, and Kodak DC210 - If you need still pictures, we have an assortment of point-a-shoot cameras. And at 10 megapixel, you can blow the pictures up as large as needed.
Webcam Logitech QuickCams - For distant education or virtual office hours, these webcams can be used for both Wimba Live Classroom or Adobe Connect. And in both programs, the presentation can be recorded for future viewing.
Flip Flip Video (Ultra and HD) - The Flip camera series is wonderful for quick video capturing. Either presentations in the classroom or in-field training, it's portable with everything needed built inside.
HD Camera Panasonic TM20HD - If you need a bit more quality and production value, the Panasonic TM20 HD camera can record high quality film to its built in hard drive.
Hard Drive Lacie 80GB USB HDD - With all the media capabilities, sometimes a flash drive isn't quite large enough. This 80 gigabyte hard drive can hold all your recorded video, images, and audio files.
DVD Burner Iomega Super DVD Burner - Although most computers have built in DVD burners, some don't. And if your computer doesn't, then use our portable DVD burner.
Presentation Clicker Presentation Clicker - If you're using the wireless mic to record your presentation, you don't have to be tied to the computer to advance the slides. This device will allow you to advance slides anywhere in the classroom. Plus it has a laser pointer! Both cats and students love laser pointers.
clickers Clickers - IMG has two sets of audience response devices. Either way, you can receive more feedback from your students.
  iPad 2 - Faculty may check-out an iPad 2 for use on-campus only. (Limit of two weeks)
  Macbook Pro - Faculty may check-out an Macbook Pro for use on-campus only. (Limit of two weeks)
  Makerbot Replicator 2 (3D Printer) - IMG offers the use of a 3D Printer for full-time faculty or graduate students helping faculty with a project. Please call IMG for more information.

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