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Below is a list of help files to assist you with specific tasks in Canvas. This page is still in development and new help files will be added regularly.

If you are having issues with Canvas, please try Firefox and ensure Flash is up-to-date.

Canvas Workshops


Faculty Help


Student Help


From Instructure Canvas

The help below is created by Instructure and may differ from Auburn's version. However, the YouTube videos will provide general insight into the product and how perform basic tasks.


  • Canvas Community ( - In the community Canvas has a 'listserv-like' forum called 'Ask a Question' that is moderated by Canvas experts they endearingly call 'Coaches.' All of the community is invited to participate. It is open for subscription so you can keep a tab on the discussions that are happening in the community. In addition to the 'Ask a Question' forum, Canas has a 'Water Cooler' forum where the community can discuss whatever they'd like that is possibly off-topic.
  • Canvas Guides ( - Canvas Guides is our new source for all the latest documentation on Canvas and replaces the wiki. You'll find guides for students, teachers and admins, along with some other miscellaneous information.  
Tool Introductions
Creating/Designing a Course
Using a Course

From Utah Valley University

From University of Utah

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