Glossary of Terms - New Terms in Canvas

  • Access - Ability to interact with course contents
  • Concluded Course - Status at end of term (set by Banner) or manually set. Faculty can still get into it; students can see submissions and grades, but can not see quizzes . . . no “access.”
  • Deleted Course - Faculty and student “access” is removed; no longer appears on course lists. But it is not erased; admin can get to it.
  • Publish - Allow students “access” to course.
  • Assignment - Anything that can be graded: homework, quiz, test, discussion, etc.
  • Announcement - Messages; what kind = notification preferences. Default is AU email address.
  • Syllabus - List of assignments – but you can add a description in the RTE.
  • Rich Text Editor (RTE) – the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) available to teachers and students.

Glossary of Terms - Migrating from Blackboard to Canvas

Vista 8

Instructure Canvas

Announcements Announcements
Assessments Quizzes
Assignments Assignments
Calendar Calendar
Chat Chat
Discussions, Topic, Message Discussions, Topic, Entry
Goals Outcomes
Learning Modules Modules
Mail Inbox
Media Library ---
Roster People
Search ---
Syllabus (Dynamic) Syllabus
Web Links (No dedicated tool)
Wimba Liveclassroom Big Blue Button
Designer / Instructor / Student Tools
Manage Course Settings
File Manager Files
Folders Pages
Selective Release Limited to Modules Only
Assessment Manager Speed Grader (?)
Assignment Dropbox Speed Grader
Calculated Columns Weighted Grades
Grade Book Grades
Grading Forms Rubrics
Group Manager Groups
Tracking Statistics
Notes ---
My Grades Grades
My Progress Grades
Auditor Student
Color/Layout Customization Only in HTML areas

Custom Icons

Only in HTML areas


Browser Checker Browser Checker
Hide/Show Lock/Unlock
Build/Teach/Student tab All one view
Notifications Notifications
PowerLinks PowerLinks
Cross-Listing Cross-Listing


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