Panopto allows you or your instructors to record the computer screen including audio and automatically upload/convert it to a central location. Once the Panopto Recorder is installed, it will record the entire computer screen (or just a PowerPoint) with audio. The video is then uploaded to the Panopto server where it can be viewed or downloaded.

Panopto and Canvas

Note: You MUST use the Panopto Recordings link in Canvas to access Panopto for class files. Please view ALL help files below before contacting your instructor or OIT help.

Student Self-Help Page Available

How to Record to a Assignment Folder in Panopto

1) Click "Panopto Recordings" on the left (1) then select the Assignment folder (2) by clicking the gray box listed in the course.

2) Once the Assignment folder is selected, click the green "Create" button" and then "Record a new session." This will launch the recorder and default to the Assignment folder. If you do not have the recorder installed, you can download it from this page as well.

Panopto Troubleshooting

Please make sure that your computer is up-to-date when using Panopto. Please make sure:

Other Help

Panopto Quick Start (Windows):

Unison help files:

How-to videos:

Panopto FAQ:

Panopto Support Forums:

Video Recorder


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