Panopto allows you to record your computer screen including audio and automatically upload/convert it to a central location. Once the Panopto Recorder is installed, it will record your entire computer screen (or just a PowerPoint) with audio. The video is then uploaded to the Panopto server where it can be viewed or downloaded.

Panopto Help
Panopto and Canvas

To log into the web portal at, select "Auburn" from the drop-down menu. Then login with your Auburn username and password (do NOT put the "\" before your username).

To log into the Panopto Recorder for non-Canvas integrated folders:

  • Use "" as the server address. Click the Save button
  • Click "Log in with Auburn," you'll see the AUthenticate page open in the Panopto box
  • Use your Auburn Username and Password (NO: You do not have to add auburn\ anymore) to log in

To log into the Panopto Recorder via Canvas and begin recording:

  • Click Panopto Recorder on the left. The Panopto folder for the course will appear within Canvas.
  • Click the green "Create" button then "Record a New Session" to begin recording (Note: Panopto will need to be installed. If you do not have it installed, it'll prompt you when you click "Record a New Session."

Panopto Troubleshooting

Please make sure that your computer is up-to-date when using Panopto. If you have issues, make sure your webcam and audio drivers are the latest version. Also make sure you have the latest browser version (for viewing files) or Panopto Recorder (for recording videos).

If you still have trouble, issues with Panopto should be reported first to IMG who will assess the problem and report it to Panopto Support as needed.

Panopto Help for Students

Panopto Student Help

Panopto Guidelines
  1. Panopto has been licensed by Auburn University (AU) to enable all AU Faculty, Staff, and Students to create, edit, and publish academic and informational content. Beginning May 11, 2015, all content, current and new, will be published to the hosted Panopto site in the Amazon Cloud:
    1. All users are required to upgrade to the latest version of the Panopto Recorder.
      1. IT units responsible for each college/school/department will update any classroom or remote recorders to the latest version.
  2. Secure access to the academic content residing on the AU Panopto resources is limited to those affiliated with AU as provisioned and recognized by AU’s Banner student system and Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas.
    1. All course use of Panopto will be through Canvas integration only. No class will be set up in Panopto outside of Canvas.
      1. Instructors may not change share permission to allow public or other access set for courses that are integrated through Canvas, which receive the permissions via Banner.
  3. Access to the content published on these resources is regulated by AU to abide by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other security and privacy directives.
  4. Copyright and other Intellectual Property rights for content created and published with Panopto belong to the creator (faculty, department, contracted agent). The creator is also responsible to ensure that their content and its use conform to all applicable copyright, fair use, intellectual property, and creative commons laws, privacy, and regulations.
    1. Faculty are reminded that Auburn University expects all faculty and students to abide by copyright laws. Auburn University will not provide legal support for individuals prosecuted for copyright infringement.
    2. Neither Panopto, AU Panopto Admins, nor involved distrubited IT people will be responsible for posted content that does not meet all applicable legal, use, and privacy requirements.

Panopto Roles

  1. Admin - The Panopto Admins for Auburn University are Kathy McClelland (IMG) and Brandon Simmons (IMG). Admins for current sub-sites are Rusty Presley (ACES), Jack Lawton (Business), Brian Phillip (Education), Darrell Crutchley (Liberal Arts).
    1. The College of Veterinary Medicine will run in its own instance in the Cloud; Ashley Burt is the Admin.
  2. Creator - The Creator role allows the user to create new videos. It will be given to faculty, staff, or recognized groups who request it.
    1. For Canvas courses integrated with Panopto, students receive Creator status by default if a class drop box folder is created.
      1. Students may not have Creator accounts outside Canvas courses.
    2. All students using the recording feature in Panopto (through Canvas) should record off-line and upload only the video they wish to submit.
      1. Students should name their recordings.
    3. Viewer - Any user may be a viewer of a Panopto video on the Auburn site. Rights to view individual videos can be restricted by the creator or admin by video or folder. Instructors must restrict access to videos that feature students to reduce possible FERPA violations.

Panopto Support on Campus

  1. Support for Creators will be handled first by distributed IT department and then by IMG.
  2. Support for Student Creators will be handled by the faculty member, then the distributed IT department for that faculty member, then IMG.
    1. Students must not submit help tickets to Panopto.
  3. Only Kathy McClelland and Rusty Presley will submit tickets to Panopto.

Video Retention and Ownership

  1. Videos added to the Panopto hosted site will be retained for the duration of the Panopto license. Provision will be made to move videos if the license ends.
  2. Folders will be removed if they remain empty for one year. (June 1 - May 31)
  3. Creators of content will retain copyrights to their own original work.
    1. Creators are encouraged to keep back-up copies of any material added to Panopto, including any PowerPoint or other files used in recordings.

Last Updated:May. 14th, 2015

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