Request a Non-Credit/Non-Banner Canvas Course

From Learning Management System (LMS) Policy:

AU employees are eligible, with proper approval, to build and maintain courses both for credit and non-credit in the LMS for users with ERP/SIS (Banner) records. All faculty, students and staff at Auburn University will have access to appropriate LMS courses, regardless of whether they are credit or non-credit, academic or training in nature according to the access section of the LMS Guidelines document. Individual access will be limited according to the guidelines and other applicable policies of Auburn University.

The new policy makes possible Canvas use outside of the original scope of supporting Banner courses for matriculated students. The intent of the policy is to support other educational efforts outside of the Banner/matriculated student population. We anticipate that these uses will be small, and rather narrowly focused projects of a training, support and/or an academic nature for a limited group of faculty, staff, and/or students. Examples might include conducting a training course for a group of graduate students who are all teaching the same class or lab, or preparing a short course to train a small group of faculty/staff/students to use a specialized piece of equipment.

Procedure for requesting a non-Banner course in Canvas:

  1. Complete the request form
  2. Requests will be routed using the following criteria:
    1. If the LMS instance is to support undergraduate student work (without academic credit awarded)  the request will be forwarded to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate studies and the Curriculum Committee for review.  Upon approval of the committee the course will be created.
    2. If the course request implies limited use of the LMS (for example, as a document repository), or in instances where another tool would better serve the learning goals of the course, the requestor will be encouraged to consult with IMG for a more appropriate option.

All other course requests will be reviewed by the Office of the Provost, and, once approved, a course will be created within five (5) business days.

Last Updated: Feb. 3rd, 2015

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