Early Alert Grades

For Canvas users, there is an option to submit Early Alert/mid-term grades using the Canvas-2-Banner grading tool. The C2B grading tool will allow you to submit grades without entering each grade into Banner individually. Only instructors of record in Banner may use the C2B grading tool.

Once you submit your grades using the C2B tool, please watch your email for a confirmation. If you receive an error message, you will need to submit the grades through AU Access. The C2B grading tool is only available to use once per course per semester. 

Note: If you do not use Canvas, you will still submit Early Alert grades through Banner.

How to Submit Early Alert from Canvas to Banner

1) Follow these directions to set up a Grading Scheme in Canvas. Both 10- and 9-point grading scheme are also available, or you can create your own. However, do not use either + or - in the scheme.

Auburn's Grading Scheme


2) Click "Submit early alert/mid-term grades" towards the bottom-left (1). Click "Authenticate" to access the the early alert submission form (2). Once you authenticate through Canvas you won't need to for any other courses.

Note: The following error will appear if either the grading scheme is NOT properly set up or if there are NO grades entered for students.

3) Once the grade scheme is correct and you're authenticated, select the course with the grades you want to submit to Banner (1). If your courses are cross-listed, you'll need to repeat the process with each section. Then click "Update Section" to auto-fill the submission form (2).


4) Check "All/None" at the top-left to select your students (1). Then verify the grades under the heading "Grade to Submit" (2). Note: The grade MUST be in all caps and +s or -s are NOT allowed. Click "Submit" when the information is correct (3).


5) A confirmation box will appear. Click "OK" to submit your early alert grades into Banner. The instructor of record will receive a confirmation e-mail that will indicate success or failure of grade submissions.

If you have any questions, please contact IMG at 844-5181.

Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2015

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