The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded on April 22, 1848, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, when six men gathered in a dormitory room to establish the secret society of Phi Gamma Delta. The founding fathers are referred to as the "Immortal Six." These men are Samuel Beatty Wilson, Daniel Webster Crofts, Naaman Fletcher, Ellis Bailey Gregg, James Elliott, Jr., and John Templeton McCarty. The rewards of membership go far beyond one's college years through continued commitment to the values, the brothers, and the Educational Foundation. This is why FIJI does not use the term "alumni" when referring to brothers who have graduated; instead we refer to them as Graduate Brothers, implying that membership extends far beyond graduation. This commitment exemplifies a motto by which all Phi Gams live by, "Not for college days alone," and an organization within the fraternity called "Sires and Sons."