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Hunger Studies at Auburn


To serve as the community outreach arm of Auburn ’s “War on Hunger” by preparing, inspiring, and empowering students of all ages to end hunger and malnutrition in their own communities, countries, and the world.


In 2004, Auburn University (AU) was the first academic institution to partner with the World Food Programme (WFP) to launch a student-led campaign to fight world hunger. This new project, “Engaging Alabama Youth in the AU War on Hunger,” launched in 2007, aims to reach out to youth in Alabama by forming strategic partnerships with other organizations to increase community involvement in the War on Hunger.


We educate youth about domestic and global hunger, especially hunger in Alabama, and encourage them to participate in activities that help them to develop a sense of empowerment and make an impact in their communities. To accomplish the aims of this project, we developed a curriculum of innovative hunger education activities and community service opportunities to educate and motivate youth.

The curriculum covers topics on:
(1) Nutrition
(2) Local and global hunger: causes, consequences, and kinds
(3) Promoting compassion, sharing, and building tolerance
(4) The importance of active citizenship
(5) Empowering youth and fostering a sense of collective efficacy


We are partnering with Alabama 4-H to implement an Extension Team Project (ETP). The project focuses on educating youth about global and domestic hunger while supporting 4-H goals of youth empowerment and leadership. The activities will take place during the 2008 4-H year and are open to all youth ages 9-19. Activities would be delivered as part of clubs, school enrichment, after-school programs, and local, regional, state and national activities. Facilitators can choose from a set of educational activities.

Examples include
1) Hunger Jeopardy
2) Action Tree
3) Hunger Obstacle Course
4) The Web of Advocacy
5) Setting Priorities
6) Selected Activities from the Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger Curriculum

The project also includes engagement of youth in community service activities designed to increase awareness about hunger and benefit their communities.


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Dr. Jennifer Kerpelman via email at or at (334)844-4149.