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About the Initiative


For Auburn University to become the catalyst mobilizing universities across the nation and around the globe to make fighting hunger a core value of higher education institutions worldwide.


To create an academic hunger model suitable for replication or adaptation by universities in the US and abroad.


To develop and implement an action agenda for students and faculty that encompasses hunger awareness and consciousness-raising, fundraising, advocacy, and academic initiatives.

Why Auburn?

Located on the plains of east Alabama, Auburn University is one of the South’s premier land-grant institutions. With its global agricultural initiatives and leading-edge nutrition and food safety research, the university is playing a major role in feeding the world.

In addition, Auburn has enjoyed a special relationship with the United Nations since 1994 when the College of Human Sciences launched the International Quality of Life Awards in conjunction with the UN’s International Year of the Family. The UN continues to remain the “ceremonial” home of the awards in spirit and in fact, where each year more than 300 people gather to honor global citizens whose good works and dedication to making the world a better place have contributed to the enhancement of human health and well-being.

The partnership with the UN World Food Programme is a continuation of Auburn’s ongoing mission to serve the world through outreach, instruction and research. More importantly, the opportunity for Auburn men and women to lead students around the world in the global “War on Hunger” reinforces the very essence of the university’s core value system—to produce technically competent graduates with progressive world views and a commitment to serving others.