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COSAM benefactor publishes new book

Published: 02/02/2017

By: Lindsay Penny

Longtime COSAM supporter and Dean’s Leadership Council member Dr. T. Lee Baumann, has published a book, “The Drug-Free Restless Legs Syndrome Handbook.”

Baumann, a medical consultant and author, wrote the book after suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome, or RLS, much of his life. In his book, he shares drug-free alternatives to treating the symptoms of RLS.

Baumann holds medical certifications in internal medicine, geriatrics, and medical management, and practiced medicine for more than 20 years.

He is a “quantum spirituality” writer, and his first book, “God at the Speed of Light,” helped inspire the CBS television series, “Joan of Aracadia.”

Baumann has been featured for his writing and theories in television documentaries by Grizzly Adams Productions, Alabama Public Television, and has appeared on the popular radio programs "Coast-to-Coast" and CBC's "Tapestry.”

Although Baumann does not hold a degree from Auburn, he supports the institution both financially and through his role as a member of the COSAM Dean’s Leadership Council. He and his wife, Dr. Brenda Baumann, and five family members, have endowed five scholarships at Auburn. “God at the Speed of Light” is the name he and his wife use to endow the scholarships, and their giving does not stop at Auburn University. He has established a total of 32 "God at the Speed of Light" scholarships at various institutions in America and, most recently, in South Africa, where he was inducted into the University of Cape Town’s Chancellor’s Circle.

Baumann resides in Birmingham.

To order his book, “The Drug-Free Restless Legs Syndrome Handbook,” visit the website

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