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The code FLOW2 is being developed to solve axisymmetric equilibrium problems under the assumptions of:

(1) quasi-neutral plasma;
(2) massless electrons.

Electron pressure is included in the equations and arbitrary (poloidal and toroidal) rotation is allowed.

FLOW2 is built on the existing FLOW experience. Many numerical solutions and input properties are shared by the two codes. This also allows an easy comparison between ideal MHD and two-fluid results.

The first release version of the code is now complete and running routinely. A paper describing FLOW2 and its results is in preparation. Even though no results have been published in papers, yet, the code is already freely available for download at the link below to allow interested users to become familiar with the code and formulation.

Source code and sample input

Sample input used for FLOW2 first paper. FLOW inputs are also included where relevant. A calculated 1D table of the magnetic flux psi along the midplane is given for debugging.

Our 2013 APS-DPP presentation on the topic is included below as a code description:

2013 APS-DPP presentation

A more formal description of the code is contained in FLOW2 first paper:

FLOW2 first paper

Contact:Luca Guazzotto, Auburn University

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