Stephanie Shepherd
Assistant Professor

Office: Room 215 
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4926 

Geomorphology, fluvial geomorphology, landscape evolution, anthropogenic impacts on river systems, GIS applications in geomorphology

My research program is focused on processes in fluvial geomorphology and anthropogenic or environmental impacts on riverine landscapes.  I use a combination of field observation, topographic analysis, quantitative techniques and GIS to investigate rivers at a range of scales from individual cross-sections to entire watersheds.

I am currently working on an NSF funded project in Buffalo National Scenic River in Arkansas.  In collaboration with colleagues at Desert Research Institute, US Geological Survey, and National Park Service, we are investigating the impact of heterogeneous lithology on fluvial processes and terrace formation.  

Shepherd, S., Keen-Zebert, A., Hudson, M., Turner, K. 2013. Variable valley width and heterogeneous lithology in the Buffalo National Scenic River, Arkansas. in Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, October 27-30, Denver, CO.

Keen-Zebert, A., Shepherd, S., Hudson, M., Turner, K. 2011. Characterization of Quaternary alluvial terraces in the Buffalo National River Valley, Arkansas. in Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, October 9-12, Minneapolis, MN.

Shepherd, S., Dixon, J.C., Davis, R.D. 2011, Are Ozark streams underfit? Using GIS to re-examine Dury's theory of underfit streams. in Physical Geography. Vol. 32, pp. 179-194. DOI:10.2747/0272-3646.32.2.179.

Keen-Zebert, A., Shepherd, S. 2011. Effects of urbanization on stream morphology in the Illinois River watershed, AR. in Bierman P, Montgomery D (eds.) Key Concepts in Geomorphology, Vignettes.

Shepherd, S., Dixon, J.C., Davis, R., Feinstein, R.* 2011. The effect of land use on channel morphology and sediment distribution in gravel mantled bedrock streams. in River Research and Applications. Vol. 27, pp. 857-866. DOI: 10.1002/rra.1401.

Guccione, M.J., Mueller, K., Champion, J., Shepherd, S., Carlson, S.D., Odhiambo, B., Tate, A. 2002. Stream response to repeated coseismic folding, Tiptonville dome, New Madrid seismic zone in Geomorphology. Vol. 43, pp. 313-349. DOI:10.1016/SO169-555x(01)00145-3.

Last updated: 09/02/2014