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Daniel Jones
Biological Sciences
Assistant Professor

302 Rouse Life Sciences
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-4830

Curriculum vitae



The University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. - Plant Biology
The University of Oklahoma, M.S. - Plant Biology
The University of Oklahoma, B.S. - Botany

Selected Publications

Jones, D.S., John, A., VanDerMolen, K.R. and Nimchuk, Z.L., 2021. CLAVATA signaling ensures reproductive development in plants across thermal environments. Current Biology, 31(1), pp.220-227.

Rodriguez-Leal, D., Xu, C., Kwon, C.T., Soyars, C., Demesa-Arevalo, E., Man, J., Liu, L., Lemmon, Z.H., Jones, D.S., Van Eck, J. and Jackson, D.P., 2019. Evolution of buffering in a genetic circuit controlling plant stem cell proliferation. Nature genetics, 51(5), p.786.

Jones, D.S., Liu, X., Willoughby, A.C., Smith, B.E., Palanivelu, R. and Kessler, S.A., 2018. Cellular distribution of secretory pathway markers in the haploid synergid cells of Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Journal. 94.1 (2018): 192-202.

Jones, D. S., Yuan, J., Smith, B. E., Willoughby, A. C., Kumimoto, E. L., Kessler, S. A. (2017). MILDEW RESISTANCE LOCUS O Function in Pollen Tube Reception Is Linked to Its Oligomerization and Subcellular Distribution. Plant Physiology.

Kessler, S. A., Lindner, H., Jones, D. S., & Grossniklaus, U. (2015). Functional analysis of related CrRLK 1 L receptor-like kinases in pollen tube reception. EMBO Reports, 16(1), 107-116.

Russell, S. D., & Jones, D. S. (2015). The male germline of angiosperms: repertoire of an inconspicuous but important cell lineage. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6 (March).

*Anderson, S. N., *Johnson, C. S., *Jones, D. S., Conrad, L. J., Gou, X., Russell, S. D., & Sundaresan, V. (2013). Transcriptomes of isolated Oryza sativa gametes characterized by deep sequencing: evidence for distinct sex-dependent chromatin and epigenetic states before fertilization. The Plant Journal, 76(5), 1–13. *Co-First Author; produced micrograph used for journal issue cover

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