Geoffrey E. Hill
Professor & Curator of Birds

Office Location:
302 Funchess Hall

Mailing Address:
331 Funchess Hall 
Auburn University, AL 36849
Tel: (334) 844-9269
Fax: (334) 844-9234
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Ph.D. - University of Michigan (1991)
M.S. - University of New Mexico (1986) 
B.S. - Indiana University (1983)

My research focuses on the function and evolution of ornamental traits in birds and on the co-evolution of hosts and pathogens.  Research on these broad topics has led my students and me to adopt approaches ranging from behavioral ecology and phylogenetic reconstruction to immunology, parasitology, proteomics, and functional genomics.  I teach ornithology and a graduate class in evolution every year and I periodically teach undergraduate evolution.

Hill, G. E. 2011. Condition-dependent traits as signals of the functionality of vital cellular processes. Ecology Letters 14: 625-634.

Bonneaud, C., S.L. Balenger, A. F. Russell, J. Zhang, G. E. Hill, and S. V. Edwards. 2011. Rapidly evolving disease resistance manifest through functional changes in gene expression in a wild bird. PNAS 108 (19) 7866-7871.

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Hill, G. E. 2007. Melanins and carotenoids as feather colorants and signals. In Reproductive Biology and Phyogeny of Birds. Vol. 6B. Sexual selection, behavior, Conservation, Embryology, and genetic. B. G. M. Jamieson, Ed. Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, New Hampshire.

Hill, G. E. and K. J. McGraw, eds. 2006. Bird Coloration, Volume 1: Measurements and mechanisms. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.



Ornithology - BIOL5750  Advanced Ornithology - BIOL6750 
Evolution and Systematics - BIOL3030  Advanced Concepts in Evolution - BIOL7200 

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