Brian Folt


PhD (Biological Sciences) Auburn University, in progress

M.S. (Biological Sciences) Sam Houston State University, 2011

B.A. (Biology) Thomas More College, 2009


Goessling, Jeffrey M., William I. Lutterschmidt, Lauretta Bushar, Howard K. Reinert, and R. Andrew Odum.  Multi-year sampling reveals an increased population density of an endemic lizard following the establishment of the invasive Boa constrictor on Aruba. In revision for resubmission.

Goessling, Jeffrey M., Mary T. Mendonca, and Alan Wilson.  A meta-analysis comparing indices of baseline stress: Does the heterophil: lymphocyte ratio indicate the same stress as circulating corticosterone?  In preparation.

Goessling, Jeffrey M., William I. Lutterschmidt, Howard K. Reinert, and R. Andrew Odum. 2012. Leptodeira bakeri (Aruban Cat-eyed Snake): Predation. Herpetological Review. 43(2).

Goessling, Jeffrey M., James C. Cureton II, Tyler M. Saxton, and William I. Lutterschmidt. Terrapene carolina triunguis (Three-toed box turtle): Shell abnormality. 2010. Herpetological Review. 41(4): 488.

Paul J. Krusling, Jeffrey Goessling, Emily Anneken, Jacob Botkins, Joshua Horn, and John W. Ferner. 2009. Storeria dekayi (Dekay’s brownsnake): Geographic Distribution. Herpetological Review. 40(4): 457.

Goessling, Jeffrey, John W. Ferner, Paul Krusling and Scott Fennell. 2008.  A survey of reptiles and amphibians within a constructed wetland and restored stream corridor in Campbell County, Kentucky (Abstract).  Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science. 69:1.


Selected Publications