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Ph.D. - Miami, Florida

Research and Teaching Interests

Herpetology, tropical ecology, biogeography.

Selected Publications

Steen, D.A., A.E.R. McGee, S.M. Hermann, J.A. Stiles, S.H. Stiles, and C. Guyer. 2010. Effects of forest management on amphibians and reptiles: Generalist species obscure trends among native forest associates. Open Environmental Journal 4:24-30.

Styrsky, J.N, C. Guyer, H. Balbach, and A. Turkmen. 2010. The relationship between burrow abundance and area as a predictor of gopher tortoise population size. Herpetologica 66:401-410. 

Hoss, S.K., C. Guyer, L.A. Smith, and G.W. Schuett. 2010. Multiscale influences of landscape configuration and composition on the spatial ecology of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus adamanteus). Journal of Herpetology 44:110-113.

Graham, S.P., H.K. Hassan, N.D. Burkett-Cadena, C. Guyer, and T.R. Unnasch. 2009. Nestedness of ectoparasite-vertebrate host networks. PLoS ONE 4(11):e7873.

Romagosa, C., C. Guyer, and M.C. Wooten. 2009. The contribution of the live vertebrate trade toward taxonomic homogenization. Conservation Biology 23:1001-1007. 

Johnson, V.M. C. Guyer, S.M. Hermann, and W.K. Michener. 2009. Patterns of dispersion and burrow use support scramble competition polygyny in Gopherus polyphemusHerpetologica 65:214-218.


Undergraduate Graduate
Vertebrate Biodiversity - BIOL3020
Herpetology - BIOL5740
Herpetology - BIOL6740

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