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Peer Advisor Selection

Peer Advisors are selected early during spring semester, typically around February. The call for applications is widely circulated via signage, e-mails, and the COSAM Facebook page. Applicants must be either rising juniors or seniors with at least a 3.0 GPA. After the applications are submitted, there are two rounds of interviews. A subset of applicants from the first-round of interviews is chosen to participate in the second round. The interview teams are composed of current Peer Advisors and staff. Successful applicants are those who are engaging, knowledgeable and articulate.

Peer Advisors

Once selected, a Peer Advisor may not serve more than two years and may not begin an academic year as a Peer Advisor unless he/she can complete that entire academic year enrolled as a COSAM undergraduate student. Being a COSAM Peer Advisor is a time commitment, and students should not apply to become a Peer Advisor unless they are willing to devote the necessary time.

Last Updated: 08/18/2016