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Pointers for Parents 

  • Be supportive of your son/daughter- listen, ask questions and discuss issues that are brought up. Though they are now in college and more independent, your support and encouragement continues to be very important.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to seek out his/her own solutions. Your role is one of supporting rather than fixing. As you will discover, the university has many tools for them to use. Feel free to offer advice when asked, but allow your son/daughter to be responsible for solving issues and problems.
  • One of the important things for your son/daughter to learn while here at Auburn is how to effectively advocate for him/herself. It is natural for young adults used to relying on parents to turn to them for assistance. It is important for parents to support and encourage their son/daughter to learn to do it for themselves. Your role is to encourage them to accept this responsibility rather than attempting to fulfill the advocacy role for them.
  • Be prepared! If you call the university on behalf of your son/daughter, the information you can expect to receive will be general and will include suggestions about steps your son/daughter can take for more specific information.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to get involved by joining campus organizations, and establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty. Remind them that it is important to maintain open lines of communication about grades and academic progress throughout the semester, not just when they feel like they are in trouble!
  • Emphasize to your son/daughter that THEY are responsible for their education!
  • Help your son/daughter to utilize the campus tools that are available to them. The AU Bulletin, their advisors, faculty members and a diverse array of student support services are available to all students at Auburn. Encourage your son/daughter to be proactive in learning about university resources as well as university rules, regulations and expectations. And as always, if they have a question, they can come see their advisor!

Last Updated: 06/07/2016