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Postdocs and students that completed their work on CTH

Jeff Herfindal

Jeffrey Herfindal, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2016

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Oak Ridge National lab

Dissertation: Control of Sawtooth Oscillation Dynamics using Externally Applied Stellarator Transform

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Mihir Pandya

Mihir Pandya, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2016

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow - MST experiment, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Dissertation: Low edge safety factor disruptions in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid: Operation in the low-q regime, passive disruption avoidance and the nature of MHD precursors

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Nick Roberds

Nicholas Roberds, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2016

Dissertation:Simulations of Sawtoothing in the CTH Stellarator-Tokamak Hybrid

Matt ArchMiller

Matthew ArchMiller, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow from 2010-2015

Current Position:  Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint John’s University

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Jonathan Hebert

Jonathon Hebert, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2015

Dissertation: Simulations of the Compact Toroidal Hybrid Using the Finite Element Extended MHD Code NIMROD

Current Position: Instructor - Auburn University

Mark Cianciosa

Mark Cianciosa, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2012

Dissertation: Measurements and Modification of Sheared Flows and Stability on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid Stellarator

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Fusion theory and modeling group

Adam Stevenson

Adam Stevenson, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2011

Dissertation: 3D Reconstruction of Plasma Equilibrium using Magnetic Diagnostics on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid

Current Position: Plasma Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Lab

Josh Peterson

Joshua Peterson, Ph.D. - Graduated in 2008

Dissertation: Vacuum Magnetic Flux Surface Measurements Made on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid


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