See 5N30.10 and 5N30.11 for spectrum using prism or grating.

6F10.10 Color Addition

Demonstrate effect of combining light of different colors (red, green,blue).


Setup Requirements:


Method 1 - Place large color filters on separate overhead projectors. Adjust filters and projectors so colors overlap.

Method 2 - Use light box device shown in photo. Put additional filter next to red filter to reduce amount of red to get better white areas.


Equations: None


Safety Issues: None

6F40.10 Scattering

Demonstrate wavelength dependence of scattered light. Light scattered to the side looks blue. The image of the light source seen on the opposite end of the tank (upper left corner) appears orange like the sun at sunset. Colors do not come through well in photo.


Setup Requirements: Ask ahead of time. Time needed to fill fishtank.Dark room needed. Add small amount of non-dairy creamer and stir. Use the fiber optic light source to produce small bright light beam to serve as image of Sun.


Equations: None


Safety Issues: Heavy tank filled with water.