5G10.10 Assorted Magnets

This is included to show some of the different types of magnets available in the Demo Room. What happens if you bring one of the strong magnets near a dollar bill?



Setup Requirements: None


Equations: None


Safety Issues: Heavy magnets. Strong magnets. Brittle magnets.

5G30.10 Diamagnetism

As an example of diamagnetism grapes are placed on opposite ends of a small rod. The rod is suspended using thread. A strong magnet brought near a grape will repel it causing the rod to rotate. Even with a strong magnet the effect is weak. 


Setup Requirements: Minimal. One day advance notice or bring your own grapes. Use small but strong magnets from Arbor Scientific. Use a short piece of wire for a rod. 


Equations: None


Safety Issues: Magnets are brittle.


5G30.11 Ferromagnetism, Paramagnetism & Diamagnetism

Aluminum is paramagnetic. Tie a string to the short aluminum cylinder from density samples box. Lower it between poles of the variable space magnets. The cylinder will line up along a line connecting the poles of the magnets. To demonstrate diamagnetism tie a sting to the carbon cylinder in the density sample box. Lower between the poles of the magnet. The cylinder lines up perpendicular to a line connecting the poles of the magnets. Ferromagnetism can be demonstrated using iron sample. For a puzzle try suspending a copper sample between the poles of the magnets.

Picture: Not available

Setup: Minimal

Equations: None

Safety Issues: None unless you have medical implants that could be affected by strong magnets.