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Diversity in Sciences Living-Learning Community

The Diversity in Sciences Living-Learning Community (LLC) is open to underrepresented students in sciences and mathematics disciplines. Programming offered during the academic year supports the development of scholars who are prepared to pursue STEM graduate and professional education and enter the STEM workforce.  Residents participate in a variety of academic, personal development and career exploration activities intended to build a sense of community and increase understanding of STEM disciplines.


  • Ability to learn about classes, programs of study, interships, research, and career opportunities
  • Interact with falculty outside the classroom through field trips, panels, and demonstrations
  • Develop leadership and inerpersonal skills through involvment in student organizations and activites (both within and outside of the living-learning community)
  • Engage in activities that promote academic achivement like tutoring and study nights
  • Network with falculty, upper-level students, advisors, alumni, and professionals in sciences and science-related fields
  • Formation of study groups with other STEM Scholarsand study areas within the residential community
  • Ability to attend informal STEM seminars and workshops held in the residental community
  • Tutoring sessions administered by upper class majors and graduate students
  • Small group meetings with local faculty and disitingushed visitors
  • Field trips and tours of on-campus research facilities
  • Career events and opportunities to closesly interact with individuals working in related areas or professions
  • Programming designed to enhance academic success (e.g. time management, study skills, and more)
  • Opportunites for civic engagement and community outreach

Classes: Students will take one or more of the following courses:

  • BIOL 1020/1021 – Principles of Biology/Lab
  • BIOL 1030/1031 – Organismal Biology/Lab
  • MATH 1130/1150/1610 – Pre-Calculus/Calculus 1
  • UNIV 1150: Special Topics with Learning Strategies

Programming:  Events that students may choose to participate in include "Meet the STEM student organizations," "Real Talk: Your future in Science," , and learn about undergraduate research opportunities from upper-level students engaged in current research projects at Auburn University.

Applications are due May 1st

CLICK HERE for application

Last Updated: 06/27/2016