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Financial Support

Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or fellowships support all graduate students in good standing.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants are an integral part of the department's teaching staff. Their major duties are the teaching and supervision of the undergraduate laboratories. After an initial training period, the teaching assistants assume full responsibility for the laboratory sections to which they are assigned, from the pre-laboratory instruction-lectures to final grading. The teaching assistants are also involved in help sessions and one-on-one tutoring for undergraduate students in the Chemistry Resource Room. The average load for teaching assistantships is 6 contact hours per week. Teaching schedules are arranged to best fit the graduate student's course work and research.

Research Assistantships

Funds from research grants to individual faculty members provide support for a number of graduate research assistantships. Students are recommended for these positions by their research supervisor on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated interest in the chosen field of research.

Last Updated: 07/07/2016