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The Auburn Center for Oxidative Catalysis:
an Informal Scientific Association

Mission:  to foster progress in the science of oxidative catalysis.  Specifically, in the use and development of transition-metal and nonmetallic catalysts (protein-based and otherwise) for chemical reactions where O2 is the oxidant.

Location:  Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Auburn University

Faculty participants:

                  Holly R. Ellis (mechanisms of dioxygenase enzymes)

                  Chris R. Goldsmith (design and synthesis of O2-activating Fe and Mn complexes)

                  Doug Goodwin (heme dioxygenases)

                  Anne E. V. Gorden (oxidative catalysis with heterocyclic ligand supports)

                  David M. Stanbury (kinetics and mechanisms of inorganic O2 reactions)

Center activities:
Monthly meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month, starting September 2010.  Each meeting will include a research presentation from a student in one of the participant research groups.

Click here for the current schedule of meetings

Last Updated: 07/07/2016