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Tentative Degree Timeline

Doctoral Program (PhD)

End of Year1 /Beginning of Year 2:

Formation of dissertation committee (4 members minimum). Plan of study approval by dissertation committee, GPO, and graduate school.

End of Year2 / Year 3:

Strongly Suggested order of completion

Dissertation Proposal approved by dissertation committee –copy with committee signatures submitted to GPO Pass written qualifier exam Pass Dissertation Proposal Seminar (Must sign up for Biol 8950-001) ** (Need 3 evaluation forms from the department) Pass oral exam (Need Form C from Graduate School- see below; Need rubrics from the department) Form C needs to be submitted to Graduate school and GPO

Once all 5 tasks are successfully accomplished, the student becomes a PhD Candidate

Year 5 (Tentative):

Dissertation submitted to graduate school for format check Pass Dissertation Defense Seminar (Must sign up for Biol 8950-002) ** (Need 3 evaluation formsfrom the department) Pass final oral exam. (Need Form Z from Graduate School- see below; Need rubrics from the department) ETD (Electronic Thesis/Dissertation) Final approval form submitted to graduate school (Dissertation approved and signed off on by dissertation committee)

(Graduate school contact people regarding forms C or Z and graduation: Clint Lovelace (334-844-4112, Sherry Ray (334-844-2131 or Donna Childers (334-844-2129))

** Only register if you are confident you will give a seminar in that semester. If you do not, you will receive an Incomplete, which must be made up in 6 months or else you receive an Unsatisfactory.

Last Updated: 06/16/2016