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Ph.D. Plan of Study Checklist

  • A minimum of 60 semester hours that includes the following:
    • 30 hours of graded course work (e.g. A,B,C), 7000-level or above, taken beyond the Bachelor’s degree (at least 18 of these hours must be taken while enrolled in a PhD program at Auburn.
    • A minimum of 10 hours BIOL 8990 (Research and Dissertation; this is ungraded course work and can be part of the additional 30 hours listed in 1d).
    • 2 hours BIOL 8950 (Doctoral Seminar; can be included in ungraded course work listed in 1d).
    • A minimum of 30 hours of additional work at the 6000, 7000, 8000 level; these hours can include ungraded course work i.e., BIOL 8990, BIOL 8950, or transfer work.
  • All courses (except deficiencies) are 6000, 7000, 8000 level
  • "B" or better on all transfer courses
  • Advisory committee has at least 4 members (the chair and at least one other member are "Level 2" members of the Graduate Faculty) (link)
  • Course deficiencies/transfer credit are listed on Plan of Study
  • Compliance Form for use of animals and human subjects is attached and signed.

Last Updated: 06/30/2016