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Ph.D. Course Requirements

  • 30 hours of graded (A, B, C) course work at the 7000 level and above.
  • 30 hours completed under PHD classification at Auburn University (Residency).
  • 30 hours of additional course work – must include 2 hours of BIOL 8950 (Doctoral Seminar) 1 credit hour is for the proposal seminar, the other for the final defense seminar.  Students MUST be enrolled in BIOL 8950 the semester they undertake their proposal and defense seminars.  And 10 hours of BIOL 8990 (Research and Dissertation); may include ungraded 6000-level courses, 4 hours maximum of 7990 Research and Thesis from a completed master’s program, and also may include the minimum 10 hours of 8990 Research and Dissertation.
  • Total semester hours for the degree – 60.

Last Updated: 06/16/2016