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Tentative Degree Timeline

Master's Thesis Program (MS-T)

End of Year 1:

Master's Thesis committee formed. Plan of Study approved (Minimum 3 committee members) Research proposal approved by committee and submitted to GPO, and graduate school.

End of Year2 / Beginning of Year 3:

Thesis Defense seminar (Must sign up for Biol 7950-001) ** (Need 3 evaluation forms from the department) Pass Final Oral Exam (Need Form 9 which can be downloaded from graduate school website; Need rubrics from the department)

(Graduate school contact people regarding forms C or Z and graduation: Clint Lovelace (334-844-4112, Sherry Ray (334-844-2131 or Donna Childers (334-844-2129))

** Only register if you are confident you will give a seminar in that semester. If you do not, you will receive an Incomplete, which must be made up in 6 months or else you receive an Unsatisfactory.

Last Updated: 06/30/2016