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Plan of Study 

The Plan of Study form may be obtained from the graduate program office, 331 Funchess Hall, however the simplest approach is to access the online graduate plan of study (DegreeWorkds) from the Graduate School's webpage.

FORMAT for the Plan of Study (also see the "Checklist for the Plan of Study"):

  • 1 course Physics (General Survey or Higher)
  • 1 course Calculus
  • 1 Organic Chemistry (General Survey or Higher)
  • 1 course Genetics
  • MST: Minimum hours - 30, of which 21 are in major area; this will include a maximum of 6 hours of BIOL 7990 (Research and Thesis) and 1 hour of BIOL 7950 (Master's Seminar). Only 6000 and 7000 level courses can count towards the 30 hours minimum. A minimum of 24 hours must be taken at Auburn, or half the total, whichever is greater.

    MST candidates are not allowed to take 8000 courses except in unusual cases.

    The student must register for a minimum of 4 hours of BIOL 7990 (Research and Thesis) but can register for as many hours of BIOL 7970 (Special Topics) as desired (no more than 8 hours can appear on the Plan of Study or count towards a degree).

    A student must take 1 hour BIOL 7950 (Master's Seminar) when he/she presents the thesis work to the department as a formal seminar. This course is pass/fail. A draft of the thesis must be approved by the student's advisory committee before the seminar is given, and the Seminar Registration Approval Form must be submitted to the faculty member in charge of seminar before a student can register. Students may present an additional seminar if advised to do so by the major professor. MST only.

    There is no foreign language requirement.

    A 3.0 GPA must have been earned on all transfer credit from another institution.

    The following courses (or equivalent) must be completed by a student before he/she is permitted to graduate:

    Any subdisciplinary course deficiencies, as identified by the Graduate Studies Committee, must be completed in the first year of residence.

Please remember that "course deficiencies" (i.e. makeup work) must be completed before the MST or MST-NT degree can be awarded. These course deficiencies must appear on the Plan of Study.

The plan of study must be approved by the student's advisory committee and submitted by the middle of the second semester (e.g., if a student enters in Fall 2009, then the Plan of Study is due by 15 March 2009). The Compliance Form for use of animals MUST be attached and signed, or the Graduate School will not accept the Plan of Study. Submit Plan of Study to Dr. Mary Mendonca, Graduate Program Officer, 331 Funchess Hall.

Last Updated: 03/24/2017