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Masters Information

Residency Requirement:
Every MST/MST-NT student must enroll in 9 hours of course work in at least 1 semester at AU.

Research Proposal:
Every MST student will write a research proposal for his/her thesis project. This proposal must be approved by the student's advisory committee and submitted by the end of the first year of residence (e.g., if a student begins graduate school in Spring 2001 then the proposal is due by the end of Fall semester, 2001). Students should consult with their major professor about the format of the proposal.

Advisory Committee:
The chair of the committee (Major Professor) must be an associate or full member of the graduate faculty. The committee consists of at least two other faculty members from this or other departments or from other universities. Adjunct committee members (faculty from other research institutions) may serve on the advisory committee, with approval of the Department Chair and Dean of the Graduate School.

Final Oral Examination:
MST candidates must pass a comprehensive exam that covers the major and minor subjects as well as the research and thesis. In our department, this is usually an oral exam, but the student's advisory committee can require a written exam as well. Members of the Graduate Faculty not on the advisory committee can attend the oral exam as visitors. The major professor will schedule the exam no later than the date listed in the Graduate School Bulletin. Successful completion requires the unanimous support of all members of the advisory committee. If the student fails the exam, one re-examination can be given on recommendation of the advisory committee and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School. Further exams must have the approval of the Graduate Council.

  • MST candidates must submit a completed BIOL 7950 Final Defense Packet to rm 331.  The packet includes: BIOL 7950 Final Defense Evaluation Form (one for each committee member), Oral Exam and Thesis Rubrics (one for each committee member), an Exit Survey for the student, and a Faculty Exit Survey.

Annual Review:
All graduate students will undergo an annual review each August/September. Students will submit a short summary of their course work, teaching and research accomplishments for the year and anything else related to their program. The review will serve to: (a) help students who have encountered obstacles (b) update the department on a student's progress, and (c) provide a mechanism for the department to receive input from students on ways to enhance the graduate program.

Last Updated: 07/15/2016