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Why Choose the Pre-Professional Program? 

Why Choose the MS-NT Pre-Professional Pilot Program?

  • Students in the Pre-Professional MS-NT Pilot Program are eligible to use all of the resources available to undergraduate pre-health students including attendance at Alpha Epsilon Delta Health Pre-Professional Honor Society meetings and volunteer events
  • Students in the program are encouraged to schedule appointments with Ms. Beverley Childress, the Pre-Health Director; take practice admission tests; participate in mock interviews with admissions committee members and receive help with the application process
  •  COSAM has a Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (PPAC) as well as two full-time advisors to assist our pre-health students in becoming competitive applicants and managing the application process efficiently
  • The pre-professional program in COSAM successfully places students into health professions programs at a rate approximately thirty percentage points above the national average (nationally about 44% of applicants are accepted)
  •  COSAM graduates currently attend twenty-five medical schools across the country, including some of the most prestigious


Who are Our Students?

  • Auburn University graduates who need to improve their credentials for application to dental, medical, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant and a variety of allied health professions programs
  • Graduates from other colleges in Alabama and beyond who want to benefit from all of the resources available to pre-health students on our campus
  • Enrollment is capped at thirty students so they get individualized guidance about course selection, shadowing opportunities, preparing for admissions tests and applying to the professional school programs of their choice


What do MS-NT Graduates Say?

“This program challenged me in ways undergrad did not. By completing the program in two semesters, I was able to see how well I would handle more credit hours at once, and it also allowed me to develop better time management strategies. In my interview, the admissions committee had nothing but positive comments about my decision to complete this program. I went from an applicant of average competitiveness to being accepted the first go around. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who isn't completely confident in their application as far as GPA goes.”

- Current Dental Student at UAB School of Dentistry

“I had a very good experience with the program. I feel like it really helped me in the interviews and it made a good impression on the schools.”

- Current University of Louisville School of Dentistry Student


Last Updated: 06/15/2017