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Evolutionary Genetics & Systematics Core

The Evolutionary Genetics and Systematics (EGS) Core within the Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) at Auburn University comprises individuals whose research is focused on 1) evolutionary diversification at multiple hierarchical levels; 2) phylogenetic inference and its use in studying phenotypic character evolution, phylogeography, and classification; 3) evolution of genomes; 4) speciation theory; 5) molecular ecology; and 6) the science of describing and classifying new species (taxonomy). Foundationally, EGS research involves an understanding of how evolution shapes organisms and generates biodiversity, and has a strong emphasis on examination of specimens.  The research foci of faculty span levels of analysis from genomic architecture to community structure and from field to laboratory study. EGS faculty study organisms throughout the world, with current research including organisms from all continents and oceanic basins. 

Voting Members Affiliated Faculty
Jon Armbruster Stephen Dobson
Jason Bond  Joanna Diller
Leslie Goertzen Jack Feminella
Rita Graze Debbie Folkerts
Ken Halanych Brian Helms
Jamie Oaks Sharon Hermann
Scott Santos Raymond Henry
Laurie Stevison Wendy Hood
Michael Wooten Tonia Schwartz

Last Updated: 09/09/2016