2014 TEA Students and Mentors - Click HERE for more
Anthony Bass, Chemical Engineering, with mentor Dr. Elizabeth Lipke. - Click HERE for more
Krystian Doss, Biological Sciences, with mentor Dr. Sang-Jin Suh. - Click HERE for more
Cathryn Gable, Biological Sciences, with mentor Dr. Rita Graze. - Click HERE for more
Kaitlyn Lawrence, Animal Sciences, with mentor Dr. Terry Brandebourg - Click HERE for more
Nick Jones, Biological Sciences, with mentor Dr. Elizabeth Schwartz. - Click HERE for more
Megan Masters, Chemistry and Biochemistry, with mentor Dr. Bradley Merner. - Click HERE for more
2014 CMB USRS: Row 1 - Paulina Platten, Kate Hatfield, Evelyn Willmon, Natasha Naryanan, Audrewy McCandless. Row 2 - Jordan Ayers, Ian McKinley, Nicole Wyatt, Andrew Brane, Meredith McCray. Row 3 - Stephen Ghavam, Andrew Clark, Jonathon Whitehead, Daniel Seay. Row 4 - Joseph Nelson, Stephanie Campbell, Colton Martinez, Tofey Leon. Not pictured - Alexander Kollhoff and Maegan Neufeldt. - Click HERE for more
Annelise Mowry, CMB GRA, Physiological constraints on reproductive performance, with mentor Wendy Hood - Click HERE for more
Chloe Josefson, CMB GRA, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology with mentor Haruka Wada - Click HERE for more
Saiada Farjana, CMB GRA, Microbiology with mentor Vicky van Santen - Click HERE for more
Trey Slaney, CMB GRA, Microbiology with mentor Paul Cobine - Click HERE for more
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