Coleman Barrie

Coleman Barrie

Department: Civil Engineering
Office: Ramsay 314

Areas of Interest: Water Resources Engineering

Research Interests: Nature-based solutions, surface-groundwater interactions, contaminate fate and transport, field instrumentation, watershed hydrology, aquifer mechanics, water quality, restoration, conservation

Coleman Barrie is a PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department investigating the mitigation of non-point source pollution by isolated wetlands in agricultural settings. The primary objectives of his research is to understand the spatial and temporal variability in nutrient processing in naturally occurring wetlands in the present day and throughout the period of agricultural expansion. Cost-effective wetland management techniques will also be recommended following modeling, field data collection, and stakeholder interaction efforts. His undergraduate and masters degrees emphasized water resource engineering at the University of Georgia through his time spent in the Driftmier College of Engineering and the Warnell School of Forestry. Coleman is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys outdoor recreation in his free time.

"I am excited to improve my science communication skillsets, learn about the impacts of climate change, and how society can apply the concepts of resilience to infrastructure development through my involvement in the AU NRT program."

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