Faculty Undergraduate Mentor

COSAM Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Mentor

In recent years, COSAM has strongly emphasized the importance of promoting creative scholarly work by undergraduates, and the associated role of faculty in mentoring such students engaged in laboratory and/or field research. In recognition of this emphasis, the COSAM Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Mentor Award has been established. An award will be given annually from nominations received from the five COSAM departments, and recognized each spring term at the COSAM Honors Convocation.

Nomination Procedure
Each department may nominate ONE (1) faculty member (tenure-track) for this award. Nomination packets must include:

  • Nominating letter (typically from the department chair or department awards committee chair)
  • The nominee's full CV
  • A brief (one- to two-page) from the nominee addressing their mentoring philosophy.
  • Two or three letters of support (no more than four letters total), including letters from the student mentees

It is the responsibility of the candidate's nominator to assemble all nominating materials. These should be combined into a single PDF file and uploaded to the awards web site at the link below by 4:45 p.m. on March 1, 2020.

Upload a Nomination Packet