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Arboretum Photo Contest 2018

photo contests

Take your best shot, and get it ready for the Arboretum’s Photo Contest! 

Entries will be posted to the Arboretum’s Facebook Page for public judging

Winners will be announced after one month of online judging


  • Theme: The Arboretum is a collection of plants that are native to Alabama.  Photos displayed for judging will be limited to those that fit this theme.
  • Categories: 
    1. Tree- Portraits of trees; big or small, young or old
    2. Arboretum People–Share moments you’ve experienced with friends or family in the Davis Arboretum (with permission of the people in the photo).  
    3. Flora – Flowers, foliage, fruit, other parts of plants native to Alabama and the SE United States.
    4. Wildlife – Any subject from the animal kingdom
    5. Other – Fungi, lichens, landscapes, Photoshop wizardry, etc.
  • There should be no man-made objects visible in the photograph (e.g. fence posts, walls, or benches).   An exception to this rule will be in the Arboretum People category.
  • The contest is open to all photographers. 


  • All submissions are eligible to be chosen for the Arboretum’s 2019 Calendar
  • Within each category, a winner and 2 honorable mentions will be selected for display on the Arboretum webpage.
  • Winners will be determined by the number of likes received on the Arboretum’s Facebook page between June 18th and July 16th 2018.
  • Prizes for 1st  place winners will be available for pick up at the Arboretum.  
  • 1st place winners can choose between 3 prizes: an Arboretum T-shirt, a Native Azalea (several species to choose from), or a White-Topped Pitcher Plant
  • Winners will be decided on July 16th, Winners will be notified via email, and posted on the Arboretum Facebook, and Instagram pages 

Submitting entries:

We will accept submissions from National Public Gardens Day, May 11th – National Nature Photography Day, June 15th 2018

3 digital photos per photographer per category may be submitted via email to

with the subject reading: Photo Contest

We will accept jpeg files via email, or submitted at the Arboretum pavilion by appointment only.

Each entry should be titled using the following format:


For example:

Tree. Post Oak.Patrick Thompson.jpeg



Last Updated: 05/02/2018