IT Job Openings

Job Openings 

Staff Openings: 

  • All Position Filled


IT Student Interns: All positions are currently filled.

Working in COSAM IT as a Student Intern involves assisting COSAM IT staff with a variety of tasks and duties.  Some of the tasks and duties include:
  • Respond to issues in COSAM academic classrooms to diagnose and resolve issues quickly
  • Maintain IT equipment in COSAM academic classrooms
  • Monitor the COSAM ticket system and assist users with various software and hardware issues
  • Assist with the upgrade of IT hardware in COSAM
  • Assist with  software installation and upgrades
  • Assist with special projects
  • Keep the work area clean and organized
  • Assist with the surplus process of obsolete hardware
  • Perform other duties under the direction of the IT staff
  • Set your own working hours around your class schedule
Applicants may also be required the ability to move around frequently and to lift and push loads of at least 25 lbs