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What Makes Auburn Great

Rural StudioRural Studio: Auburn University in the Black Belt
The legendary architect Samuel Mockbee and Auburn architecture professor D.K. Ruth founded the Rural Studio design-build education program for aspiring architects at Auburn University in 1993. Mockbee's leadership of the program and his pioneering drive to create innovative architecture in Alabama's economically stressed Black Belt earned worldwide acclaim for the Rural Studio and a national Genius Grant for himself from the MacArthur Foundation. For its design of the $20K House in Newbern, The Rural Studio is currently one of eleven teams highlighted in the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition, "Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement".

Auburn's fisheries and aquacultures program is best in world
Auburn University's Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures program provides the largest educational and training facility in the world for fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic sciences. Its expertise is helping to make a difference in the state and around the world. Research is underway to help catfish farmers in rural west Alabama and oyster farmers in the Gulf of Mexico sustain and invigorate their way of life. In Uganda, the Fisheries Investment for Sustainable Harvest project, known as FISH, is building a sustainable aquaculture industry from the ground up. It is jump-starting commercial aquaculture development through development of model fish farms for farmer-to-farmer technology transfer. The Chinese government recognized Auburn as housing the premier program of its type in the world. A partnership created between Auburn University and Ocean University, which houses China's most prestigious fisheries programs, includes a five-year exchange program for graduate students and faculty.

Detector DogAuburn's canine detection technology helps fight terrorism
Auburn University's Canine Detection Research Institute in the College of Veterinary Medicine is the largest dedicated canine detection research program in the United States. Its associated Canine Detection Training Center is one of the largest outside of the federal government. In a recent project, researchers took standard explosives detection to another level through the development of their Vapor Wake Detection training program. The Vapor Wake Detection canine team is a standard explosives detection team with an additional detection application to sense carried or body-worn explosives. To learn more about Auburn's Canine Detection Research Institute, go to

Auburn students take War on Hunger worldwide
Auburn University was chosen in 2004 by the U.N.'s World Food Programme to launch Universities Fighting World Hunger, the first student-led effort in the War on Hunger. The student Committee of 19 leads the effort on campus and in the community. The number 19 represents the 19 cents per day that it takes the World Food Programme to feed a hungry child in the developing world. With Auburn's College of Human Sciences spearheading the effort, more than 100 universities have mobilized nationally and globally under the banner of Universities Fighting World Hunger.

Space Shuttle

Astronauts: Auburn University in space
Auburn University has graduated six astronauts, including Kathryn Thornton, the second woman in space and Thomas K. "TK" Mattingly, one of the astronauts featured in the blockbuster hit Apollo 13. Of the six, four are engineers. Also, three Auburn engineering graduates have served as directors of the Kennedy Space Center.


2010 Football Honors:

A number of Auburn coaches and student-athletes have been honored with post-season awards, which are listed below. The last five years have also marked a period of unparalleled success for the Southeastern Conference on the football field. Click here to read more.


Cam NewtonGene Chizik:

  • AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year

  • Home Depot National Coach of the Year
  • Gus Malzahn:

  • Frank Broyles Award
  • Players

    Walter Camp All-America First Team -
  • QB Cam Newton
  • TE Nick Fairley
  • OL Lee Ziemba

    FWAA All-America Team -
  • OL Lee Ziemba
  • DL Nick Fairley

    Associated Press All-America First Team -
  • Cam Newton
  • Nick Fairley

    All Southeastern Conference First Team -
  • QB Cam Newton
  • OL Lee Ziemba
  • OL Ryan Pugh
  • DT Nick Fairley

  • All Southeastern Conference Second Team -
  • OL Byron Isom
  • DE Antoine Carter
  • LB Josh Bynes
  • S Zac Etheridge

    SEC Coaches' All-Freshman Team
  • RB Michael Dyer
  • DL Corey Lemonier
  • Cam Newton:

  • Heisman Trophy

  • SEC Offensive Player of the Year

  • Davey O'Brien Award

  • Maxwell Award

  • Walter Camp Player of the Year
  • Nick Fairley:

  • SEC Defensive Player of the Year

  • Lombardi Award

    Lee Ziemba:

  • Jacobs Blocking Trophy

  • Zach Clayton:

  • SEC Football Community Service Team